Packaging engineering that responds to your product and brand needs

Structural design is the "skeleton" of a package.

Consists of an engineering process of packaging structures.

It ensures that the packaging adequately fulfills its main functions of protecting, unifying and conveying the intended use of the product, in addition to bringing benefits such as:

  • Adapt packaging to the dimensions and needs of the product
  • Adapt packaging to the manufacturing process of the product
  • Freedom to create customized structures
  • Use materials according to the characteristics of the product
Perfume sample box

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment is to provide you with all the information you need to get the packaging you want for your products. Find out the answers to the questions we are frequently asked:

What is the maximum size you can make?

In Alvilla we work in 50x70cm format, if the open box is bigger than that we will look for the best solution to be able to produce it.

How do I know which size of cardboard to use for my packaging?

The design department will provide you with the necessary advice to choose the ideal caliber for your packaging.

What cardboard do you use?

At Alvilla we have different types of cardboard. During the planning stage we will advise you to choose the alternative that best suits your product.

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