Graphic design of packaging for all types of brands and products.

Alvilla S.A.S. has designed and developed customized packaging solutions for different brands around the world.

Our experience and expertise will help streamline your packaging design process and mitigate risks inherent in the production process.

Our design staff is highly qualified to advise and support you in the creation of the graphic design of your packaging, considering:

  • Technical feasibility to make it happen
  • Your brand values
  • Offer innovative and attractive ideas
  • The positioning of your brand and your products in the markets
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The graphic design of the packaging matters

Packaging must have both functional and aesthetic features that drive brand recognition and protect the product inside. As such, expert design is crucial.

At Alvilla S.A.S., we can create effective packaging designs that offer:

A strong first impression

Consumers are unlikely to go for products with unattractive packaging. When there are many similar products available. Eye-catching packaging can often be the difference between a customer buying a product or ignoring it.

Brand Identity

Building a strong brand identity makes it much easier to attract and retain customers by helping you connect with your brand story. Custom packaging can display a brand's graphic representation (logo, isologotype, imagotype, etc.), fonts and easily identifiable colors that customers will immediately associate with a specific brand, thus enhancing brand recognition.

Effective communication

Good packaging is not only attractive, it is also an indispensable method of communicating information about the product to consumers. The design must be able to convey details about the manufacturer, the intended use of the product and how the product can improve the user's life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment is to provide you with all the information you need to get the packaging you want for your products. Find out the answers to the questions we are frequently asked:

How can I ensure that the graphic design will reflect my brand identity?

Our design department is integrated by graphic designers who understand that the values of your brand are fundamental to its positioning and differentiation in the market. When packaging design is developed by Alvilla, the design team studies the identity, image and values of your brand before starting the development, with the objective of creating a customized and attractive design. As a plus, we use specialized finishes to enhance certain elements that give visibility and positioning to your brand.

How much variation can there be between the submitted artwork design and the final product?

There is no variation between the approved artwork and the final product.

How much variation is there in the color of the final product from the approved artwork?

The color may suffer minor variations depending on the substrate on which it is applied.

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