Privacy Notice

ALVILLA S.A.S., incorporated as a commercial company through Public Deed number 1809 of June 27, 1949 of the Third Notary Office of Bogotá D.C. with NIT 860.000.989-9 and with its main domicile in the city of Bogotá D.C. (Colombia) is pleased to inform:

That in compliance with the Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 which establishes the General Regime of Data Protection in Colombia and the Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, as well as the best practices at international level in this matter, it is responsible for the processing (collection, storage, use, circulation or suppression) of personal data in the development of its corporate purpose focused on the production, purchase, distribution, marketing, import, export and sale of typography, lithography and chromotyping articles and reliefs as well as stationery in general.

The holders of personal data have the right to know, update, rectify or delete the information collected in the databases or files, in the terms established in the regulations in force and in the Personal Data Processing Policy, which may be consulted below.

The purposes for which ALVILLA S.A.S. currently processes personal data are as follows:

I. Customers:
  1. To know their financial, commercial and credit behavior and compliance with their legal obligations.
  2. Perform all necessary steps to confirm and update customer information.
  3. Validate and verify customer identity for product and service offerings, as well as to share information with various market players.
  4. Establish a contractual relationship, as well as maintain and terminate a contractual relationship.
  5. Offer and provide products or services through any media or channel according to the customer's profile.
  6. Receive information from ALVILLA S.A.S. regarding current and future commercial campaigns, promotion of products and services, and other communications necessary to keep the customer informed and communicated by means of: phone call, text message, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social network integration or instant messaging, among others.
  7. Receive messages related to collection management and portfolio recovery, either directly or through a third party contracted for such function.
  8. To provide commercial, legal, product, security, service or any other type of information.
  9. To know the customer's location and contact information for security purposes and to offer benefits and commercial offers.
  10. Conduct commercial, statistical, risk and market analysis and research, including contacting the client for these purposes.
  11. To know the status of the operations (active, passive or of any nature) or those that in the future the client may celebrate with ALVILLA S.A.S., with other financial or commercial entities, information operator, database administrator or any other similar entity that may be established in the future and whose purpose is any of the aforementioned activities.
  12. Prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, as well as detect fraud, corruption, and other illegal activities.
  13. Perform, validate, authorize or verify transactions, including, when required, the consultation and reproduction of Sensitive Data such as fingerprint, image or voice, among others.
  14. Conduct satisfaction surveys concerning the services provided by ALVILLA S.A.S.
  15. Consult fines and sanctions before the different administrative and judicial authorities or public databases whose function is the administration of data of this nature.
II. Suppliers:
  1. The information requested to the supplier may include information of the natural or legal person as appropriate. Likewise, it is possible that information may be requested from employees of the supplier or ally that are dedicated to fulfilling some function or relationship with ALVILLA S.A.S. that, due to the work performed, require access to the organization's facilities, applications and/or systems or others.
  2. To carry out the supplier's linking process with ALVILLA S.A.S., generating the development of internal procedures, which are relationship, accounting, financial, commercial, logistic, among others.
  3. Manage and verify commercial and reputational background and the risks of money laundering and financing of terrorism, as well as to detect and/or prevent fraud, corruption and other illegal activities by the supplier or its employees in relation to the operation of ALVILLA S.A.S.
  4. Manage and strengthen contractual relations with the supplier, allowing greater control over the obligations assumed by the parties.
  5. Review and evaluate the supplier's results, in order to strengthen the contracting processes within ALVILLA S.A.S.
  6. Offer and provide products or services through any means or channel in accordance with the supplier's profile.
  7. Perform commercial, statistical, risk, market and financial analysis and research based on the results of the supplier or partner.
III. Applicants and collaborators:

The information that ALVILLA S.A.S. collects from applicants or candidates for positions within the organization is treated with the purpose of carrying out the evaluation of admission and the process of linking the applicant. The treatment of the personal information of our collaborators has as purpose the management of the existing labor relations with them, as well as the development of the different activities established by the organization. Among which we highlight the following:

  1. To comply with the obligations and rights derived from its activity as an employer, and the activities of its main and related corporate purpose, which may be carried out directly or with the support of third parties with whom your information will be shared for purposes related to the object of the contract.
  2. Share your personal data with national or foreign authorities (judicial or administrative) when the request is based on legal, procedural, and/or tax reasons.
  3. Access and authorization of benefits established by the employer, according to the requirements defined in each case.
  4. Consultation of your Personal Data in the internal control lists, in compliance with national regulations and internal policies associated with the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risk Management System - SARLAFT, as well as compliance with ethics and integrity standards established by ALVILLA S.A.S.
  5. To disclose your information to the employee and mutual funds to which you have authorized to receive it.

NOTE: In the case of former employees, ALVILLA S.A.S. will store, even after the employment contract has ended, the information necessary to comply with the obligations that may arise by virtue of the labor relationship that existed in accordance with Colombian legislation, or by virtue of the services that may be rendered by virtue of the relationship, as well as to provide the labor certifications that may be requested by the former employee or by third parties for whom the former employee is in charge of a selection process.

IV. Shareholders:

The information and Personal Data of the shareholders, including personal and contact information, as well as the information and documentation provided through virtual channels, telephone channel, e-mail and information updates will be collected, consulted, updated, modified and processed directly by ALVILLA S.A.S. and/or by third parties designated by it, for the following purposes:

  1. To carry out the activities of integral administration of the shareholders' registry book.
  2. Provide information related to procedures, complaints and shareholder requests.
  3. Provide access to information to judicial or administrative authorities requesting such data in the exercise of their functions.
  4. Manage the risk of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism and corruption.
  5. Fulfillment of the necessary activities and purposes of the issuer's relationship with the shareholders.
V. Access to buildings, surveillance and security of facilities:
  1. To have information on each one of the workers, Outsourcing personnel that work for ALVILLA S.A.S. and visitors that enter the organization's facilities.
  2. Control and identify access to the organization's facilities.
  3. Maintain security and access control to buildings and other facilities.

NOTE: ALVILLA S.A.S. informs all Data Holders that the Personal Data collected directly at the security points of the administrative headquarters, buildings, branches and other facilities, which are provided in documents of the security personnel, and the Personal Data obtained from the video recordings made inside or outside the ALVILLA S.A.S. facilities, are used for security purposes of people, goods and facilities.

Please contact us in the event that you need to clarify, update, correct or delete any of your personal data, provided that it is appropriate with the applicable legislation. For this purpose, the communication channels established are the telephone line in Bogota D.C. +57 601 370 0088 and / or email